Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday, May 25 - I RAN - ok, maybe run is a strong word

So I've been feeling a bit harried lately.  Wake up, get the kids ready, take Leo to school, do whatever morning activity I'm doing with Dylan, rush him home, feed him lunch, put him down for his nap, make sure he doesn't need me in there more than 5 min b/c I need to GO GO GO to Push 511 for my work out.  By the time I walk in I feel like I just really need to sit for 15 min and just be.  Well, no sitting around in a place called Push!

So I'm starting to feel at home in our 12:30 class.  People always rotate in and out of classes, but by now I'm recognizing most of the faces, and since I'm the unofficial mascot (the underdog everyone cheers on) they all know by name. 

We're doing the warm ups and Ardy mentions something about never posting work outs in advance and scathing emails...huh?  Did I miss something?  Better start warming up enroute to the WOD (work out of the day) board.  OH NO!  RUNNING.  That's it.  Just running.  Damn.

So despite my self-proclaimed great improvements in strength, and feeling better and better every day about conquering new things, I was not prepared for an all running work out.  You see ladies and gentlemen, in my best months, I was a mediocre jogger at best.  I have not taken to a pace faster than a speed walk in well over 4 years, maybe more.  Well, not unless you count the handful of sprints taken when one child or another heads into oncoming traffic.

Well, I was already there, what the hell.  Let's try shuffling, err, I mean running.

So 4 rounds of 400 meters.  400 meters is about 1/4 mile.  Ok, that's not bad.  So off I go.  I get to the half way turn around mark - damn, really, that was only 1/2 of a 1/4 mile?  But I did it in just under 3 minutes.  If I actually would have done all 4 rounds back to back I would have done a mile in less than 12 minutes.  That's very respectable in my book!  But of course in between rounds I took a 3 minute break to ease the hyperventilating that was ensuing.

But I did all 4 rounds.  I RAN.  I guess I need to start working on that every work out now.


  1. I feel for you. Running has never been my thing either. Kurt has been trying for 4 years to get me to run with him but I am persistently resisting, even though I secretly feel it would do good for me. Maybe now that you did it, I will give it a shot, too. Maybe. ;-)