Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011 - SUCCESS

Drum roll please.......I had my 1 month measurements today.   The first moment of truth was very disappointing - I had not lost one single ounce on the scale.  I was quite ready to abandon the box jump work out today.  But knowing I've been working so hard, I was hoping for some inches lost.  Back to the drum roll......a FULL INCH off each thigh and an inch and a half off the lower belly!

So in this particular case, I really have lost some fat and built up muscle.  I'm hoping to really focus on my nutrition this month and see some actual weight loss in addition to the inch loss, but frankly, if I had to pick between the 2, I'd pick inches any day!

I've been working on the spring cleanse with the Baltimore Health Coach.   I'm on day 3 with no sugar and I'm hoping to make that a mostly permanent thing  - at least until I'm more in maintenance.   I still crave sugar and starches like crazy, but do find that if I eat good fats that seems to subside a bit.

I am also very excited that today's work out was 400m, 30 box jumps, and 30 wall balls (prescribed was 5 rounds I did 3) I actually did all the box jumps (in the past I had done a few box jumps, then step ups - today only jumps!).

I've also decided that I need to reward all of this hard work with nutritious food.  I'm only making myself work twice as hard if I feed myself junk.

The next 30 days - really focusing on nutrition.

But for now, I'm happy with my lost inches!

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  1. first congrats on your progress! Also I am happy to hear your gonna focus on nutrition for the next month. Your bound to see impressive results that way! good luck!