Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday, June 1 - Time to be a kid again

I can't believe it is June 1, well, I guess I can since it is 100 degrees - literally - in Baltimiore.  Holy Hell!  In many areas of my life I am a woman of extremes, but when it comes to weather - if it could be 70 degrees year round I'd be happy!  :-)

Today I'm having 2 work outs.  I went to Crossfit this afternoon.  The work out was front squats - I made it to 100 pounds!   I like squats.  Did I just say that?  Yes, yes I did and I DO.  Then the fun started - jump rope and sit ups.  since I'm not quite there yet for "double unders" - what's that you might ask?  I asked the same thing.  You rotate the rope twice under your feet with each jump - ummm yeah!   So I needed to do 150 jumps, then 90, then 30.   As I was jump roping I kept thinking - there was once a time when I was REALLY good at this.

Just another thing to add to the list to work on.  :-)  But there is something therapeutic about jumping rope. 

Tonight I'm going to go to the Body Back work out.  We're doing a free demo for the summer session. We're really excited!  The 10 moms doing the program now are making such great progress. Our instructor is fabulous and the group is amazing!

I'm really excited to have a week coming up where I will be on my own.  Never thought I'd be this giddy at the thought of cleaning my house.  I will spend the week decluttering everything and working out and eating well.

Off to get the kids to bed so I can go to my work out!

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  1. b - enjoy your staycation at home! I know EXACTLY how you feel and what you mean! youll get double unders just takes some practice! so don't despair your doing really well!