Monday, May 2, 2011

Friday, April 29 - The evil box

So - every time I go to Push 511 - the BOX stares at me.  Everywhere you look there are these wooden boxes - 16" , 20" , 24" - maybe more - not sure.  They make great step stools to reach the pull up bar, but what they are really there for is BOX JUMPS.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you're supposed to jump - both feet at a time from the ground onto the box - without falling over, falling off, or nose diving off the front. 

For weeks, I managed to avoid the box jump.  But today, that was the work out - walking lunges and box jumps.   I don't think I was ever so petrified in my life.  If you fail at a pull up, you just hang; if you do a bad squat, you just look funny, if you miss the box, at best you look like a fool, at worst you break your nose.

I now know how a 1 year old must feel when (s)he learns to walk.  With every ounce of energy you have you will your body to do something, and the body just doesn't move, or worse, says HELL NO!   So after many a beat staring at the box willing it to get shorter, my trainer says - try stepping up a few times.  So I did.  I finally looked around and made sure no one was paying attention and I jumped. 

WOAH!  I landed - ON THE BOX.  No one was more surprised than I was.  And then I did it again.  I promise you if it was an inch taller I would not have cleared it - I was coming that close - but I conquered the box, and it felt GOOD!

I was supposed to do 30 every round, and I probably manged about 10 per round and stepping up the rest, but I will no longer be tormented by the box.

This is a good day!


  1. Becoming one with the box is an amazing achievement! Embrace the BOX!!
    Coach RD

  2. good 4 u b! it is a good day! They will get better! honestly they are one of my favorite things to do!