Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April 5, 2011 - Luckily friends are there for you

I, at least for a few more weeks, own Stroller Strides of Baltimore City.  I sent one of my instructors to get trained for a new boot camp program called Body Back.  We're both excited about it and she told me about one of the inspirational stories she heard:

in the San Diego class, the instructors have the participants bring in inspiration boards - pictures that inspire you.  One woman brought in a picture of her two sons on a Christmas card.  Farel talked to her about it and assumed it was her boys that were motivating her.  BUT, the woman explained that that was not actually the case.  She brought in the card b/c she was not on it.  She was too embarrassed to put herself on the Christmas card so her body back goal was to get on the Christmas card.  Later on after completing the program and probably others she brought in her new Christmas card that had not only a picture of her with the family but also her by herself - TWICE!!  Haha, she couldn't decide which one she liked better so she put both on!  :)

So, of course, I've now cried again over this.  I could have written it.  For the first time this past Christmas, I decided to not include the "family" in our Christmas photo shoot.  What that really translated into was "mommy is way too fat to have permanent record of it, so we'll just let the boys take the pictures this year."  My poor Dylan is 2, and there are probably LITERALLY 5 photos of me with him.  WTF!  My poor kid is not going to look back at his childhood pictures and understand that - he's likely going to assume he's victim of the "I'm a second child and no one bothered to take pictures."

So add another goal onto the list:

Be in and be excited about family Christmas photo shoot.  So if you all get a Christmas card with just me on it - you'll know what happened!  :-)

With that little inspirational story I remembered how great it was to reach out to friends and get support.  So that's what today's little project was. 

I am so blessed.  Despite my little disappearing act (I've managed to avoid all social occassions outside of Baltimore for over a year now - even my husband's grandmother thinks I hate her b/c I've been absent so long) when I've shared my struggles, and this journey with friends I've had an outpouring of support and kindness and well wishes. 

THANK YOU for not giving up on me and for reminding me to not give up on myself.



  1. Beata, Friends and Family are the glue that keeps us together. We plan on expanding your friend base at PUSH511.


  2. I look forward to it Ardyth! I had an amazing experience on Monday and am super excited about Saturday. BRING IT ON (big fat black band no one else uses!) :-)

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